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Ocean is a synthetic asset protocol designed to unify different formats of staking and crowdloan derivatives into a highly efficient standard. It is comprised of our Stable Asset engine, as well the Stable Swap mechanism.


Composable and Built for Substrate

Ready for deployment across the entire Binance ecosystem with our XCM-enabled modules. Implement either native minting of Ocean and 3USD with local liquidity pools, or setup liquidity pools for XCM-assets from other chains.

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NFT Governance

Ocean will provide a tokenized guild tool for Web3 builders to manage the membership for their communities automatically. With Ocean, the Web3 builders could create an exclusive guild for their loyal community members with NFT issuing and gating techniques.

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NFT Commerce

Ocean will create a commerce SDK so the Web3 builders can easily integrate to provide a self-holding commerce interface to serve the NFT trading economy they are building. They could easily customize the interface UI, auction rules, transaction fees, loyalty fees, and trading services.

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Reliable and consistent access to NFT development is guaranteed to support your high-throughout requests.

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Offering fully customizable services to developers so they could design the features, user interface, and configuration completely to their liking.

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Pre sale ends on 30th May 2023.

1 OCEAN = 20$

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  • 0.01 BNB = 150 OCEAN
  • 0.1 BNB = 1,500 OCEAN
  • 1 BNB = 15,000 OCEAN
  • 10 BNB = 150,000 OCEAN

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About $Ocean

Ocean aids the lending & Leveraged Trading & Financial Identity Accumulate the value of on-chain behaviors. Ocean aims to provide a powerful suite of NFT data services and developer tools for native Web3 applications. With Vinci, Web3 developers could get everything they need to integrate NFT solutions in minutes with ultra-low costs. Our solutions include NFT finance, oracle, governance, and commerce.

Ocean Architecture

Standardized Yield Handling

Ocean can transparently aggregate and distribute the yield from underlying interest bearing assets such as BNB or LKSM. This allows users, and projects to forego having to explore which staking option to choose and instead can opt for a Ocean product as the sole place to consolidate rewards.

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Enrich network stakeholders

We build software that allows chains, validators, protocols, and users to capture MEV and decide how the profits are distributed. We believe in an interchain future where MEV strengthens the bonds between all network stakeholders, and is controlled by on-chain governance

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Improve on-chain user experience

Ocean can eliminate forms of MEV that are toxic to users, such as sandwiching and spam, enabling higher rewards for end users on their favorite chains, and improving their experience.

You can create blockchain applications (DApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs)


Total Supply 100 Million

  • Name - Ocean Waves
  • Symbol - OCEAN
  • Decimals - 18
Contract Address - 0x7c2B28dEC18861488aC8b3B4857e70866CC7D3D7

OCean Roadmap

We are committed to providing our community with the details of our product development roadmap

Dec 2022
Deployed a smart contract for OCEAN Token.
Jan 2023
Developing strong decentralized network with 800+ node worldwide.
Feb 2023
Airdrop and Pre sale Begins
April 2023
Deployed a high-quality Fast Bridge across all chain
May 2023
Launch OCEAN Token On Multi-chain for fast Intergration